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In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks –  John Muir

This is where our adventure started from. The nature and all the emotions we get every time we set off for a new journey. Freedom, peace, relaxation and the magic involvement of the five senses: a beautiful landscape to admire after climbing a peak, the smell of a forest after a rain storm, the sound of crickets unrelentingly singing in a hot afternoon on the hills, your feet touching the fresh and lush grass after cycling for so long, and the unforgettable taste of home-made food cooked traditionally in an Italian mountain hut (that really warms your heart, believe us!)


But nature is just one of our passions. What we also get enthusiastic about is ITALY! Our land, our traditions. Not only the places that are already famous all over the world, but mainly those places that just a few know, very well hidden in that beautiful maze that Italy is! We get the shivers any time we talk about it. And all this made us give birth to HIT THE ROAD!

We have a very specific mission: we want to offer a real Italian experience and journeys that go off the beaten tracks. We want you to sip the best wine produced in a local winery, the same we sip, and taste the magnificent food cooked home-made with authenticity and fresh ingredients, the one that we love. We want you to explore nature alongside with your favorite sport, but in total safety with the help of authorized and expert guides. We want you to relax and live slowly, and forget about the frenzy of a city life. We want you to follow the rhythm of the nature, the rhythm of Italy and regenerate. In a nutshell: We want to share what we love with you!
Eleonora & Giulia

Eleonora (on the right): Since I was a child, I’ve always had such a great love for nature, that has later led me to take up my studies as a biologist. Before beginning this new adventure with Hit the Road, I got my PhD and did some post-doc years at Milano-Bicocca University. During this period, thanks to many collaborations with research groups in Oslo, I got in touch with Norway. I’ve loved the country so much that years later I decided to move there, where I currently live. Another great passion I have is traveling, often combined with different sport activities, such as diving, horse riding, climbing and trekking. The combination of all this factors made me come up with the idea of setting off on this adventure with my childhood friend, and now business partner, Giulia.

Giulia (on the left): Traveling has always been part of my life, any time my parents had some days off from work, there were we on the road. And of course, I kept traveling even more when I grew up. I decided to take up my studies in Foreign Languages, an opportunity and a very nice excuse to travel again, so Europe and the world have been my home for some time. But one day I realized that I loved Italy so much that I wanted to share it with everybody. I am also a big fan of hiking, biking and cooking, so with my old friend Eleonora, we decided to put all this elements together and create something real that could express our love for Italy, sport and traveling.