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Art and Culture in Italy doesn’t mean only visiting the traditional destinations such as Florence and Rome. Every corner of Italy offers history and art and sometimes you can get much more from visiting uncommon and little known destinations. This is what we want to offer: non-traditional destinations to see Italy with local tourism.

If you are amazed by Roman culture but you want to escape the buzz of the city, discover the origins of Rome in Sabine, the ancient territory where the Eternal city was born.

Bergamo is not only the “airport city”. Discover the beauties of this ancient city and Valcamonica rock carving, Unesco cultural heritage.

Another destination rich of surprises is Umbria. You can visit it with a local and expert guide that will show you the hidden corners of the “green heart of Italy”, with little towns, truffle and wine.

Below you can find our ART&CULTURE TOURS, but keep in mind that we can PERSONALIZE the tour according to your needs. You can decide the DESTINATION, the DURATION and the ACTIVITIES. Contact us to create the perfect tour for you.

Main activity: Biking
Destination: Southern Italy, Apulia
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Guided: Yes


Main activity: Culture&art
Destination: Central Italy, Lazio
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Guided: Yes