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Central region of Italy, Lazio is famous for Rome, but very few people know that it is much more than that. Just outside the capital city, there’s a huge natural and cultural heritage. Sabina territory is the part of Lazio where you can discover the origins of Rome. The hills and the natural parks that cover that area are rich of archaeological sites and medieval towns. You can take a boat trip along Tevere river, or visit the numerous olive oil production sites, or relax in the Roman thermal baths. Forget about the caos of Rome and relax in Sabina.

Below you can find the tour we propose in Lazio, but keep in mind that we can PERSONALIZE the tour according to your needs. You can decide the DESTINATION, the DURATION and the ACTIVITIES. Contact us to create the perfect tour for you.

Main activity: Culture&art
Destination: Central Italy, Lazio
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Guided: Yes