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Hello! This is Hit the Road, we are specialized in sustainable tourism and ecotourism in Italy and Norway to promote those areas of these beautiful countries that are far away from mass tourism, where you can live the authenticity of a real Italian or Norwegian holiday. We offer authentic experiences in uncommon destinations and supported by local people who live in the territory and who are the only ones who can really show you all the secrets and traditions of the territory.

Package Tours in Italy

You have no time to plan your tour to Italy? Let us do it for you.
Choose the most suitable package tour for you and contact us to personalize it the way you want it.

Main activity: Biking
Destination: Central Italy, Umbria
Duration: 4 days, 3 night
Guided: On request


Main activity: Trekking
Destination: Northern Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Duration: 9 days, 8 nights
Guided: On request


Main activity: Skiing
Destination: Northern Italy, Lombardy
Duration: Personalize it
Guided: No


Package Tours in Norway

Norway is our second home and love. Our tours in Norway have the same philosophy as the ones in Italy. We offer sustainable tourism in Norway and ecotourism experiences to show you the best of this great country. All tours are tailor-made and all focus on nature, the biggest treasure of Norway. You can plan a tour in the fjords, a tour to see the Northern lights, visit the Norwegian islands and find out all about the Norwegian culture.

Main activity: visit Norway
Destination: Norway
Duration: 19 days, 18 nights
Guided: No


The experiences and tours we propose are strictly connected with the specialty of the area, being it a natural element or a product of the land. These are not simple tours through Italy, but they will allow you to learn the differences among the Italian regions, because Italy is not just one reality, but it’s a hundred realities in one country.
We propose active tours to live your holiday in Italy in the nature, walking through Italy or with a relaxing bike tour; discover the little known art cities with art&culture tours, food&wine tours to discover the specialty of each region with cooking classes and wine tasting in Italy, or chose a festivals or an event to discover the Italian folklore.

Things you can do during your holiday in Italy

Do you want to add a unique experience to your holiday in Italy? Choose below the activities and experiences available and contact us to plan your perfect ITALIAN HOLIDAY.

Umbria Bike & Slow Food

Umbria Bike & Slow Food

When: from 28th September to 5 October 2019 Where: Umbria, Italy Activities: Bike, Walking, Cooking class, Wine tasting Accommodation: Hotel or Medieval...


  • You can PERSONALIZE your tours in Italy and Norway by choosing the activities you want to do, the destinations and the duration
  • We truly believe in ECOTOURISM as a responsible way of traveling to natural areas preserving the environment
  • We promote SUSTAINABLE TOURISM, as a way to help develop the local economy of a territory, ensuring employment of local people and small companies, respecting the traditions and the territory
  • We offer HIGH-QUALITY and AUTHENTIC experiences only possible with tailor-made tours and in destinations that are far away from mass tourism
  • We LOVE what we do. We love Italy and we love Norway. We wouldn’t propose you anything we wouldn’t do ourselves

Destinations in Italy

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