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Where are the top spots for rock climbing and Via Ferrata in Italy?

For those who look for vertical horizons and love rock climbing, we offer classic climbs and via ferrata in top destinations among the most scenic climbing routes in Italy.

You can go climbing in amazing mountain spots, such as Val di Mello in northern Italy, in the italian Alps, which has become internationally famous thanks to Melloblocco, the international bouldering festival that every year attracts thousands of rock climbers from all over the world, and the Dolomites, where it is possible to book a thrilling experience of ice climbing.

Don’t miss the experience of cliff climbing by the sea in Finale Ligure, a small town in the beautiful riviera ligure where walls are perfect for climbing, giving also an amazing landscape to look at. Apulia, Southern Italy, is not known also as a famous climbing destination, because of the beauty of the scenery and the cliffs. As well as taking climbing courses, you can also experience the exciting discipline of deep water soloing: climbing crags in full freedom, no rope, just the crystal water to welcome and refresh you after the climb.

An alternative to simple climbing, but that guarantees the thrill of the climb, is trekking on a via ferrata, a protected climbing route with anchored cables, rungs, steps, bridges, and ladders, to be climbed with the assistance of our expert guides. This is the best way to enjoy amazing views over lake Como or the Dolomites.

We organize climbing courses in Italy all year round, in beautiful and popular climbing destinations such as the DolomitesFinale Ligure, Val di Mello and Apulia. Our mountain guides are expert and certificated climber teachers, who will advice you and help you to improve your climbing techniques. Contact us to know more about the places and the time of climbing courses.

Below you can find some of our proposals for climbing in Italy and Via ferrata in Italy and package tours for a rock climbing holiday.
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What kind of climbing can I do?

Climbing holidays in Italy

Contact us to create the perfect package tour for a climbing holiday in Italy. Combine more days of rock climbing and via ferrata, add other outdoor activities like biking, walking tours and canyoning. Add food&wine tasting, or guided tours to art cities. We provide accommodation and transport booking.