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Where are the best diving places in the South of Italy?

Underwater world in Italy is full of surprises and diving in Italy can offer such a variety of sea bottoms and wildlife. In particular, diving in Apulia will allow you discover the beautiful seas and marine life of Salento. Salento is an area in the region of Apulia, that starts from Lecce, the capital city of the region, and stretches to the southest point of the heel, Leuca. Salento is called the “land between two seas”, being it surrounded on the East coast by the Adriatic sea, and on the West coast by the Ionic sea. This peculiarity makes Salento’s marine areas a continuous discovery: crystal clear waters alternate with deep blue waters.
In Leuca you have the possibility to dive on both sides of the sea and visit the numerous sea caves both diving, snorkeling and with boat trips. It is possible also to do wreck diving, discovering the shipwreck of Tevfik Kaptan, a sunk Turkish ship (from 0 to 20 m deep), and night diving.

A diving licence is required to dive. If you don’t have a diving licence but wish to get it, you can take part in diving courses and get the licence at our diving centre. The following PSS (Professional Scuba Schools) cerificates can be awarded:




Below you can find our proposals for diving in Italy and other sea activities in the South of Italy.

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