Bienno Craft Fair

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C FRAGIU1981 verde e luce amici di paceWHEN: 18-26 August 2018

WHERE: Bienno, Valcamonica, Lombardy

WHY: At its XXVI Edition, Bienno Craft Fair is one of the most suggestive craft fairs in Italy. More than 200 exhibitors will be present: craftsmen, artists, wood carverers, sculptors, painters, antique dealers, jugglers… and they will all exhibit their creations in the suggestive frame of Bienno, a small mountain town with amazing architecture. The peculiarity of this fair is that it is based all over the town, and artists exhibit their goods in the narrow streets of Bienno, private yards, squares and basements, sometimes in traditional ancient customs. The fair is considered a “journey” real and figurative in an ancient borgo, mountain village, full of art and poetry, unspoilt landscapes and nature and genuine hospitality: real cultural and folkloristic experience.

You can take part in the fair as many days as you want, and you can combine this experience with a visit to Bergamo, or rock carving archaeological sites, museums, or walks in the nature. Have a look at the following link to find out the activities you can choose and create your own holiday:

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