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Gubbio_Corsa_CeriWHEN: every 15th May

WHERE: Gubbio, Umbria

WHY: This event is one of the most ancient folkloristic manifestations in Italy and it is held in honor of Bishop Ubaldo Baldassini, the patron of Gubbio, on the anniversary on his death.
The procession is held around the city of Gubbio, featuring three statues of Saint Ubaldo, Saint George and Saint Anthony, in order, mounted on top of three wooden pedestals (weighing almost 300 kg each). Their are held and carried by three teams having different uniform colors: yellow, blue and black. The runners (Ceraioli) carry the statue running to the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo, on top of Gubbio’s Mount Ingino. The celebration is highly emotional and heart-felt and unique in its kind. It attracts thousands of visitors who want to witness this historical manifestation in the amazing frame of Gubbio.

You can organize your trip to Umbria considering this event and adapt your holiday matching the activities you want to do in the nearby area, such as wine tasting, truffle hunting, a visit to Perugia and Assisi or Trasimeno Lake and Isola Maggiore. Choose here the activities you want to combine and make your own tour: