Gubbio White Truffle Festival

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WHEN: Last weewhite truffle festivalkend of October

WHERE: Gubbio, Umbria

WHY: At its 36th edition, Gubbio White Truffle Festival will turn Gubbio historical city centre in an open-air street market with hundreds of stands selling, not only the King of the Table, the rare and precious truffle, but also many food products, produced in local farms. For the whole weekend, strolling through the narrow and medieval streets and squares of Gubbio, you will have the chance to discover all the typical products that the area can offer,  trying to resist (you won’t make it!) to the splendid truffle aroma spreading all over the city.

spaghetti with truffle

During your stay in Gubbio, you can also take the opportunity to join the experience with some wine tasting, truffle hunting and some visits to Perugia and Assisi, or Mount Ingino or Trasimeno Lake. Choose the activities you want to do from this link: