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WHENchocolates-Hittheroad: 19-28 October 2018

WHERE: Perugia, Umbria

WHY: EuroChocolate is the biggest Italian Chocolate Festival held in Perugia since 1994. Guests of the event will be Italian and international chocolate excellences. There will be numerous stands of the finest chocolate to buy and taste, labs to learn how to make chocolate, chocolate tasting, and exhibitions of chocolate sculptures, themed events, shows and cultural initiatives. The program is also rich of initiative for children, to have them play an active role in the event.
The Festival is free entrance, no ticket to buy. There is a ChocoCard you can buy to have some chocolate tasting all over the fair.

EuroChocolate is a perfect opportunity to join a great Festival for chocolate lovers with a nice holiday in Italy, specifically in Umbria. You can visit the festival as many day as you want, and choose any extra activities you want to do in the surrounding area: Visit to the amazing Gubbio and Assisi, truffle hunting, wine tasting, daily trip to Trasimeno Lake and Isola Maggiore… and much much more at the following link: