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Walking tours in Italy will give you the chance to discover Italy and its authenticity with relaxing holidays in the nature and far away from mass tourism destinations. But the typical big questions are…

Where are the best walking tour destinations in Italy? How can I walk through Italy and see the best natural places of Italy?

Easy peasy… we are here for you, to recommend you the best hiking tours in Italy and above all the hidden walking tours in Italy.

Walking in Northern Italy can be challenging mainly because the number of trails and mountain chains are endless. Dolomites walking routes are a lot and sometimes it can be difficult to find the right trail for you. We can help you choose the right hiking itinerary in the Dolomites and plan a guided tour in the Italian Alps with the support of expert alpine guides. Walking tours in Como lake can be challenging or easy, depending on the trail you want to follow. But one think is for sure: you will be enchanted by the beauty of the view on the lake from the peak of the surrounding mountains. The Dolomites and the Alps are the perfect place to do a Via Ferrata. Via Ferrata in the Dolomites or around Como lake will allow you to discover, with an experienced and certified guide, incredibly scenic spots in the mountains.
Friuli Venezia Giulia is a fascinating region in the North-East of Italy. There are a lot of walking routes in Friuli Venezia Giulia and we have selected some of the most impressive trails: a challenging and transnational trekking that allows you to cross three countries along one of the most scenic part of the Alpe Adria Trail; or a more relaxing hiking tour through the vineyards and the Collio art cities, thanks to which you’ll have the possibility to taste some excellent wine and see the culture and art of this region.

We can also help you plan some walking tours in the best national parks of ItalyAbruzzo is the perfect region for this, having gained the nickname of “region of the natural parks”. You can choose some hiking tours in the Apennine Mountains, where you can discover Corno Grande del Gran Sasso (2914 m) and mount Amaro (2795 m, peak of Majella National Park), full of springs, waterfalls and lakes, paradise of wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Trekking in Majella National Park and Abruzzo National Park are two unforgettable trekking tours in Italy you can’t miss.
Basilicata is another region that offer incredible hiking itineraries in natural parks in Italy, hosting Pollino Natural Park, the widest protected area in Italy, and Murgia materana, a real and unique place to see a very peculiar landscape. Guided tours in Dolomiti Lucane will give you the chance to see hidden places far away from mass tourism, where wildlife and wild nature still dominate the landscape.

Walking tours in Southern Italy is something unconventional that will give you incredible surprises. Hiking by the sea in Apulia is an example: the so-called South-East Trail will allow you to start a walking tour in Apulia, specifically in Salento, the Southest part of the Italian “heel”, along side-cliff paths, country roads and the Mediterranean scrubs. A walking tour in Lecce, the city of baroque, Otranto, Unesco cultural heritage, and Leuca, will allow you to discover the most beautiful cities of Southern Italy getting the best out of your Italian holiday.

Below you can find some of our proposals for guided walking tours through Italy and self-guided hiking in Italy. Discover the best destinations for walking tours in Italy and contact us for information and tips.

What kind of walking tours can I do in Italy?

Package tours for walking holidays in Italy

All package tours can be personalized. You can decide the duration, the destination and the activities you want to include.

Main activity: Trekking
Destination: Northern Italy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Duration: 9 days, 8 nights
Guided: On request