Archaeology tours in Tuscany and Lazio

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Period: Any time
Location: Any location in Tuscany and Lazio
What is included: personalized tour with a local and expert guide to discover Tuscany’s Archaeology

Take a tour to discover the ancient civilizations that once lived in Tuscany and contributed to shape Italy and its history up to our days. Historical remains and archeological sites are all over Tuscany, but sometimes those sites are very touristic and they are part of standard itineraries. What we want to show you are those sites of Tuscany where very few tourists go, because maybe they are not in touristic guide books or have never been the setting of any films, but they are a wonder and are really worth visiting.
You can follow the trails of Roman and Etruscan peoples, discovering their myths and legends, visit old abbeys, abandoned churches, ancient castles, walking along roman country roads, necropolises and altars… There is an entire heritage to discover and a local guide is what you need.
The itineraries are endless: following you can find some suggestions for off-the-beaten track archeological tours, but we can personalize the tour according to your interests.

  • Etruscan Vie Cave, or Cavoni, are an impressive network of roads connecting the necropolis to some settlements in the area, like Sorano, Pitigliano and Sovana. They were excavated in trenches mainly on tuff walls.
  • Etruscan tumulus and necropolis near Siena
  • Walk along Via Amerina, an astonishing paved road dating back to Etruscan and Roman times connecting Rome to the main cities in Umbria
  • Sasso del Predicatore, Preacher’s Stone, and known also as “pyramid”, is an altar placed in a wood used by the Etruscan as a place for worship
  • Hermitage of Poggio Conte, a place of peace and quiet, carved in tuff and supposed to have belonged to the Knights Templar
  • Corviano Natural Monuments
  • Norchia, an ancient Etruscan city with a necropolis

Contact us to personalize your tour. Let us know your interests and we will tailor make the tour for you. 

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