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Leuca is the Southest point of Apulia and its peculiarity is being surrounded by two different seas: on the East coast by the Adriatic sea, and on the West side, by the Ionic sea. The history of Leuca goes back to thousands years, but probably the most fascinating aspect is the beauty of the nature and the sea. Just a few kilometers away from the coast, you can find around 30 sea caves, on both sides, with very particular names and legend. The color of the water varies according to the time of the day and the sun reflection on the waters, making the sea crystal clear or deep blue, very warm or very very cold. The marine caves are amazing and the best way to visit them all is by boat.
Some of the caves you will be visiting are: la Grotta del Diavolo (the Devil’s Caves) because of the gloomy echoes you could hear; Grotta del Presepe (Nativity Cave) because of the rock resemblance to the nativity characters; the Grotta dei Giganti (the Giants’ Cave) because the legend says that there are buried the giants killed by Ercole; the Grotta del Drago (Dragon Cave) for its resemblance to a Dragon; the Grotta degli Innamorati (The Lovers’ Cave)… we’ll leave you that to your imagination. These are just some of the caves you can visit for an amazing day on the sea.

DURATION: from 1.30 h to 3 h
OPTIONS: You can choose to visit just the East Coast caves, just the West Coast Caves, or both sides. During the boat trip, the boat will stop to allow you to take a swim in the sea, visit the sea caves and do snorkeling.
ON REQUEST: Aperitivo on the boat if the tour takes place in the afternoon

Contact us for more information or to book your boat trip.

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