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Something about Apulia and Salento…

Salento is the pearl of the South of Italy. It is the southest part of Apulia region, the “heel” of Italy, but it has very peculiar culture and traditions. Salento’s nickname is the “land between two seas”, being it surrounded by the Adriatic and the Ionic seas. The landscape is characterized by the Mediterranean scrub and olive tree groves, and an amazing blue sea, alternating with crystal clear waters, perfect for diving and snorkeling and boat trips to visit the numerous sea caves.

The sea is not the only attraction, though. Lecce is known as the “Florence of the South”, or the city of baroque. It is a pleasure to walk around the narrow streets of Lecce historical centre, where you can see historical buildings and churches in complete baroque style. Otranto is another city that can’t be missed during your visit in Salento: it is a UNESCO site, and as well as the beautiful and crystal clear sea, it hosts the magnificent Otranto Cathedral. Gallipoli, on the West coast, famous for the crazy summer parties, is a lovely town built on an island and connected to the mainland with a bridge, and surrounded by the walls.

There are many ways you can visit this lively region. You can do a bike tour, circumnavigating the peninsula; or walk along the famous “South-East Trail“, a path that starts from Lecce and reaches Santa Maria di Leuca, the southest point of the peninsula, passing through country roads, cliff-side paths, Mediterranean scrubs and olive tree groves. Or you just can relax at the numerous beaches, diving, snorkeling and taking boat trips to sea caves.

Something very peculiar that might give you a unique experience is taking part in the olive harvesting and olive oil production. Olive oil is the typical product of this region. You will notice that the landscape, beside the sea, is mainly made of olive tree groves, creating a magic atmosphere above all at sunset.

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Things to do in Apulia

Package Tours in Apulia

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Main activity: Biking
Destination: Southern Italy, Apulia
Duration: 8 days, 7 nights
Guided: Yes


Where is Apulia?

Apulia is a region in the South of Italy. It is the so-called “heel” of Italy. It in on the Adriatic Sea, East coast, and on the Ionic sea, West coast. There are no mountains nor hills, but a huge stretch of olive trees and Mediterranean scrub, a lot of wild beaches, sandy and rocky. Its is  few away km from Basilicata.