Ice climbing

  • ice climbing and dry tooling in the Dolomites. Local Alpin guide to climb in all safety. Personalize your holiday in the Dolomites.
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Period: winter
What is included:
 ice climbing with an alpine guide, equipment

Winter activities are not only skiing, snowboarding or snowshoes excursions… there’s something pretty extreme you can challenge yourself with: ice climbing and dry tooling.
Ice climbing is an extreme form of climbing that can be practiced only in winter time. When waterfalls freeze and the ice gets thick enough, it is possible to climb them with the right equipment and an expert alpine guide. Dry tooling is another form of climbing, a mix between climbing and alpinism. It can happen to find yourself on difficult walls where rocks alternates with ice and the only way to pass those areas is with ice axes.
The Dolomites are an excellent destination for ice climbing and dry tooling, with walls and trails of different levels of difficulty. The possibilities are endless: Sappada, Val di Fassa, Val Brenta, Fusine, Colfosco, Corvara, and many more… Write to us and we will get you in touch with a local alpine guide who will recommend you the best trails and walls for your experience.

For both ice climbing and dry tooling you need to have a good physical training, since ice climbing is a very challenging sport.

Equipment we provide: ice axes, crampons, ice screws, harness and helmets.

Equipment you need to have: waterproof mountain boots, waterproof jacket, trousers and shell, two pairs of gloves and a hat.

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