Make your own olive oil in Salento!

Have you ever wondered how olive oil is made? Well, not only can you see it with your own eyes, but you can also learn and take part in this centenary tradition of olive picking and oil production!
You will personally pick olives, bottle your own olive oil and bring it home to your family and friends. You will also have the chance to pick mushrooms and fresh herbs, that our experienced “massaia” will cook for you. But not only food: we will make you taste wine in a local winery on your way to Otranto. And for those who are interested, there is a special cooking class where you can learn how to make fresh pasta. Sightseeing of beautiful cities and sport activities such as trekking, biking and diving are also available!

WHEN: November 4th to 11th
WHERE: Corsano, Salento

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