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Along with Italy, Norway is the other country in our heart, besides being the place where Hit the Road was born! Maybe because it is considered one of the most beautiful countries on earth, and maybe partly because it has been declared “The happiest country” in the world in 2017, Norway is a once-in-a-lifetime goal destination for many travelers.

If you love nature, you won’t help falling in love with this country. The fjords, where the earth embraces the sea, countless islands surrounded by crystal clear and deep blue waters, endless forests with lakes and rivers, where it’s easy to get to believe in fairies. Dramatically steep mountains plunging into the sea, without any hesitation. Timeless fishing villages and remote farms with their typical red walls, so beautifully contrasting with the green of grass and the blue sky. If you are blessed by sun, you will be amazed by colors and you will find that Norway is a dreamland during summer and a paradise in winter.

Norwegians are deeply in love with nature, that’s why they found fantastic solutions to enjoy it in every possible way. Hiking, biking and skiing through the beautiful hills of the marka, the forest surrounding Oslo, kayaking or sailing into the fjords, climbing or rafting in the mountains, fishing or picking berries and mushrooms in the forest. Or just sit in the sun outside of a hytte, a mountain cabin, with a good cup of sjokolade and a vaffel, chocolate and wafer. For newcomers it is surprising to find how easy it is to get into nature and perform your favourite activity. For local people this is just Norway and Norwegian life style.

Not everyone realizes how vast the country is: from North to South, Norway extends for more than 2500 km, offering very different scenarios and climatic conditions. If you are lucky, you will be pleasantly amazed in experiencing a beautiful day with 25 up to 30 degrees in Oslo during summer, but you must be prepared to the possibility of having 15 degrees the day after.
Oslo, the capital, is a relaxed and on a human-scale town surrounded by nature. With the fjords in the South and the forests in the North, the city offers many possibilities for outdoor activities, without lacking in city life, social events and cultural attractions. Have you ever thought of finding a riviera in Norway? You will find it not far from Oslo, with its picturesque and idyllic wooden towns and arcipelagos, still not well known from abroad tourism, favourite summer destination for Norwegians.
The fjords, with the impressive walls overlooking the sea, will make you open your eyes wide, when you go across them on a boat left from Bergen, charming town nestled on the hill, with its typical fish market and the historical dock, Bryggen.
The Lofoten islands are another wonder of the country that proudly rival with the beauty of the fjords. Be amazed by the incredible beaches of white sand and crystal waters that you wouldn’t expect to find in Norway.
And last but not least, the North with the arctic capital, Tromsø. This is the perfect destination for those who want to chase the magical Northern Lights and discover the Sami culture.

There’s no limit to the wonders you can discover in this welcoming and relaxed country. Norway is an expensive destination, we can’t deny it. But the best things that this country can offer are for free, and with some expedients a journey in Norway can be really affordable.
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