Snowshoe excursions

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Period: winter
What is included: 
guided tour with showshoes

Snowshoes are a very simple and fun way to experience an excursion on powder snow in total safety. They are an ancient kind of footwear, recently brought back with a new use: fun. They are used to explore unspoiled nature and discover the mountains special spots in winter time.
Snowshoes are suitable for adults and children, since no special technique or capability is required, except for… walking.

The Dolomites are the perfect destination for a daily hiking on snowshoes, because there are many wild areas without any ski slopes or ski resorts to spoil the fairy-tale atmosphere.
Like for all sport activities, also for snowshoes excursions there are different levels of difficulty. If this is your first experience or there are children with you, we will be likely to propose you an easy itinerary, or if you have already experienced this activity you can also try a more challenging trail. For this reason you will be helped by a patented local alpine guide who will suggest you the best route for your excursion.

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