Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to any purchase/booking or enquiry regarding the travel services promoted on the website www.hittheroad.tours and form an essential part of any contract between the Client and Hit the Road, unless differently agreed in writing between the parties.
By sending an enquiry or placing a booking, the Client accepts the following Terms and Conditions.

    Hit the Road AS is a company incorporated under Norvegian Law, organization number: 917604460; address: Veliveien 29B, 1358 Jar.
    In order to guarantee the best satisfaction of its Clients, Hit the Road avails itself of selected Italian associations, guides, hotels, restaurants, camping and B&B.
    • Enquiry
      The Client can submit an enquiry by filling in the form at this link www.hittheroad.tours/contacts/ or via email at info@hittheroad.tours. In a couple of days an expert consultant from Hit the Road will contact the Client in order to prepare a tailor-made travel.
    • Estimate
      In the next few days Hit the Road will confirm the availability and will provide the Client with a detailed Estimate of the travel and the travel description, enlisting all the services and activities included.
    • Reservation
      In order to finalize the reservation and complete the Booking the Client, within 7 days from the date of issuance of the Estimate, must send the payment of the deposit specified in the Estimate and give written confirmation to Hit the Road. The deposit is 50% of the total value of the offer.
      Hit the Road will keep steady the availability and the price listed in the Estimate for 7 days. In case the acceptance of the Estimates and the payment of the deposit are made after such term, Hit the Road reserves the right not to proceed with the booking due to not availability or change in price. In this case Hit the Road will try to find a solution together with the Client or will reimburse the deposit.
      Upon receiving a timely payment of the deposit, it will send the Client a confirmation of the booking including all the travel details.
      The final payment must be done within 30 days from the beginning of the travel.
    All Payments can be made by Bank Transfer.

The Client has the right to cancel the booking at any moment by sending a written communication to Hit the Road.
A cancellation fee shall apply under following conditions:
any cancellation received more than 90 days before the beginning of the travel will be charged 50% of the tour price.
The Client has the right to cancel the booking at any moment by sending a written communication to Hit the Road.
A cancellation fee shall apply under following conditions:
– any cancellation received more than 90 days before the beginning of the travel will be charged 50% of the tour price.
– any cancellation received less than 90 days before the beginning of the travel will be charged 75% of the tour price.
– any cancellation received less than 30 days before the beginning of the travel will be charged 100% of the tour price.

In case of cancellation, the cancellation fee will be requested to the Client.

    Some of the travel organized by Hit the Roads are strictly connected to the weather and local conditions which cannot be foreseen (e.g. ski touring depends on snow / avalanche conditions, kayak depends on river flood..). For this reason, the Client acknowledges that the local guides and experts can modify the itinerary and/or the activities included in the travel description at their own discretion for safety reasons. In this case, Hit the Road will provide an alternative activity as much similar as possible to the scheduled activity. No compensation or reimbursement shall arise in case of modification due to weather/ local conditions / other unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of Hit the Road.
    Any modification requested by the Client shall be discussed directly with Hit the Road, which will make its best effort to meet the requests of the Client.
    Hit the Road reserves the right to substitute hotels, camping sites, B&Bs, restaurants or carrier with others of similar characteristics, should this be made necessary by unforeseen circumstances.
    Each trip begins and ends in a town accessible by plane or train. Meeting and ending locations are listed on the travel description.
    In order to provide a keys in hand service, Hit the Road is available, upon request, to provide an estimate for booking in name of the Client flight or other transfer to the meeting point.
    In case the Client intends to book travel by his own, he is advised to place any booking only after the confirmation of the travel has been issued by Hit the road.
    In order to provide a professional service for all the activities, Hit the Road has signed partnership with local Guides and Association (“Partners”) which will assist the Clients in the sport activities.
    The Client acknowledges that the Partners shall require him to affiliate and that without affiliation the services cannot be provided. The costs of affiliation is included in the price paid to Hit the Road and no further costs is requested to the Client.
    In case the travel includes risky activities (e.g. Skitouring, climbing, diving…) the Client will be requested directly by the Partners to sign a liability waiver which complies with the normal praxis of the field.
    The Client acknowledge that some of the travel services provided by Hit the Road require a specific level of ability, fitness and health. For this reason the Client, by accepting the Estimate, declares under his own responsibility that the traveler meet the physical and technical requirements requested for in the travel description. Hit the Road and the guides in charge of the activity reserve the right to re deny participation to the activity to travelers in case of false declaration or in case the requirements specified in the travel description are not met.
    The Client and the travelers must be in possession of all the documents and certification requested for traveling in Italy and enlisted in the travel description. Hit the Road reserves the right to request copy of the documents before the departure in order to finalize the booking of the accommodation and the activities.
    The Client shall inform Hit the Road in writing, at the moment of booking, of any special request that may have which may cause a modification of the regular schedule of travel (e.g. food allergies, diseases…).
    The traveler will be responsible for bringing all of the appropriate clothing and all the equipment and gears requested in the travel description.
    Children under 18yo must be accompanied by an adult who will take full responsibility for their behavior.
    Hit the Road shall not be liable and does not assume responsibility for any claims, damages, expenses or other financial loss arising out of any injury, accident, death, cancellation, delay or inconvenience resulting from any act of omission, commission or inadvertence of any hotel, restaurant, association, guide, other person executing the services included in the travel or third parties, or caused by weather, acts of God or other unpredictable events which are beyond the control of Hit the Road.
    In any case and without prejudice to the application of relevant mandatory rules, the liability of Hit the Road is limited to the amount paid for the tour by each single Client,
    Whether damages, expenses or other financial loss shall arise in consequence of Client’s the failure to meet the “client’s obligations” set forth in the present General Terms, Hit the Road shall not be held responsible and the Client will be solely liable before Hit the Road, its Partners and third parties.
    Moreover, if expressly indicated in the travel description, by participating in the sports activities provided by Hit the Road, the Client will be covered by a specific insurance provided by the supplier of the specific services.
    In any case Hit the Road highly recommend the Client to subscribe a specific travel insurance, covering baggage lost, accident, life and trip cancellation.
    Any use of text, photographs and other content found on this website is strictly prohibited without permission from the owner.
    The Client authorize Hit the Road and its Partners to use/publish photos and videos taken during the travel in order to promote its services.
    Hit the Road is committed to respecting Client’s privacy.
    The information provided are used only to provide the requested services (e.g. to prepare and book the travel) and too provide information regarding travels and offers.
    In order to arrange the travel and book accommodation, transfer and activities, Hit the Road will disclose some of the information provided by the Client to its Partners, who will treat such information according to Italian Privacy law.

Please contact us at info@hittheroad.tours if you wish to cancel or modify your personal data.