Hiking in Piedmont Alps

Below you can find our proposal, but bear in mind that we can PERSONALIZE the tour according to your needs. You can decide the DURATION and the PLACES in the area you want to see to CREATE YOURSELF the perfect holiday for you.

Maira Valley is located in the south part of Piedmont, in Cuneo province, it stretches out for about 45 km and it takes its name from the creek that crosses the valley. It is very particular area, since it has a very strong identity regarding its culture and language, going back to the Occitane and Provençal cultures. Nowadays in Maira Valley people speak the Occitan-Provençal language, that is recognized as a minority language. This territory has never had a political independence, but it is characterized by a unique culture and language, with very strong traditions transmitted orally in local dialect.
You will be surprised by the richness of artistic works present in the territory, most of them dating back to the Middle Age, involving influences from sacre to profane, from France, Italy and from the chivalry movements.
Wild nature and wildlife are a characteristic element of the the area. Being part of the Cottian Alps and having differences in altitudes and landscapes, there are many microclimates that offer such a variety and richness of biodiversity.

Following is the itinerary to give a complete visit to the Occitan Valley, but you can reduce the duration of the tour or extend it and pay a visit to other attractions in the area. Contact us to personalize your tour.


DAY 1: MACRA (CUNEO) AND THE CYCLAMEN TRAIL (3 h, elevation gain +/- 200m)
In the morning arrival at the hotel and check-in. Free time to enjoy the area independently. In the afternoon departure for an amazing ring hiking along the Cyclamen Trail. The trail gives its name to the cyclamen flowers that bloom plentifully in the period between July and August giving a real magic landscape to admire (we remind the trekkers that it is forbidden to pick up the cyclamens along the trail). Overnight stay in Macra.

DAY 2: CELLE DI MACRA (5.30 hours, elevation gain +400m/- 800m)
Transfer to Celle di Macra (about 15 minutes). Departure for the Faith Trail, a ring hiking connecting the beautiful hamlets of Celle di Macra. As well as the numerous sanctuaries that give the name to this hiking ring, the hamlet of Chiesa offers a wonderful polyptych, a painting divided into sections or panels by Hans Clemer (1496) and a chapel dedicated to Saint Sebastian and painted by Jean Baleison di Demonte (1484). Transfer and overnight stay in Macra,

DAY 3 : MACRA – RUATA VALLE (5.30 hours, elevation gain + 750 m/ – 260m)
Departure early in the morning by bus (10 minutes ride). The hiking tour will take you along the beautiful trails to the hamlets of Caudano and Ruata Valle. You will visit Saint Peter chapel, located along the medieval street that connects Maira Valley and dating back to the XIII century. In the chapel you can see many paintings, such as the rare Danse Macabre of the end of the XV Century. In the town of Caudano you can see a medieval “lazzaretto” (ancient hospital) and the chapel of San Peyre, built between the XII and XIII centuries, as well as amazing frescoes attributed to the unknown painter  “il Maestro di Stroppo” (XV century). Overnight stay in Ruata Valle.

DAY 4 : RUATA VALLE – ELVA (4.30 hours, elevation gain + 550m/ – 250m)
Departure along the trail to reach the towns of Cucchiales, Ciamino and San Martino, before passing Mount Bettone (1834 m) and Mount San Giovanni (1875m). A wide valley at the bottom of Pelvo d’Elva mount is the natural frame to the masterpiece frescoes by Hans Clemer in the presbytery of the church of Santa Maria Assunta. Built in the XV century, the building has a late-romanic and gothic structures. Overnight stay in Elva.

DAY 5 : ELVA – SAN MICHELE DI PRAZZO (4 hours, elevation gain of +500m/– 740m)
Departure from the beautiful hamlets of Chiosso uphill to Colle San Michele (1910m) and downhill to the town of San Michele. You will see the rural architecture of the hamlets of Elva and Stroppo and the baroque church of San Michele.

DAY 6 : CHIALVETTA AND COLLE DEL SOLEGLIO BUE (5.30 hours, elevation gain +850m/- 800m)
Transfer by taxi to the town of Chialvetta (1500 m) and hiking through Colle del Soleglio Bue (2338 m) with a beautiful view over Rocca la Meja (2831 m) and descent to the hamlet of Preit (1541 m). You can visit the small museum of the folk traditions in Chialvetta. Overnight stay in Preit.

DAY 7 : LA MEJA AND THE ALPINE PASTURE OF GARDETTA (5.30 hours, elevation gain +520m/ –1050 m)
Transfer by taxi on the other side of Maira Valley, into Canosio Valley up to Colle del Preit (2076 m). The day is completely dedicated to the discovery of alpine pastures of Gardetta, UNESCO cultural site thanks to its geology. Colle del Preit is the starting point for a tour of the Meja, the peak of the massif (2831 m). It is possible to modify the itinerary to visit Nero Lake. (+220m – 750m). Overnight stay in Preit.

DAY 8 : MARMORA – MACRA (4.30 hours, elevation gain + 250m/ – 900 m)
Transfer from Preit to the hamlet of Borgata Superiore (15 minutes) where the trekking begins. Hiking along the “Napoleonic Road” you will descend to the bottom of Maira Valley, walking through the woods of the Ubac. You will visit the church of Saint Giorgio and Massimo with frescoes from the end of the XIII century and the first half of the XV century. End of the tour in the afternoon and possible transfer to Cuneo, Nizza or Tourin.

The tour includes:

  • 7 nights in a double room at local and typical Occitane inns, half board service
  • Luggage transfer from one stage to the other
  • Local transfers as indicated in the program
  • 24/7 assistance from our team

The tour does not include: Lunches, drinks, and everything else not included in the list “The tour includes”.

Contact us for information or personalize your tour.

Hiking tour in Piedmont Alps

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