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Norway is such a big country stretching out for more than 2,500 km and offering a huge variety of different landscapes and climates. There are the main cities, Oslo, Bergen and Tromsø, and less known towns, the fjords and the islands, white beaches with crystal waters, panoramic roads with amazing views, natural parks and remote fishermen villages with the characteristic colors of Norway, the red of the houses contrasted with the blue of the sky and the green of the grass. In a tour by car to discover the country, the route is the destination itself! There are 18 roads that, for their beauty, have been enlisted among the Norwegian Scenic Routes.
We have designed this grand tour of Norway which, during a three-week time, will allow you to discover the most characteristic parts of the “happiest country” in the world. The tour covers a visit of Oslo from a local perspective and other famous cities in Norway, but most importantly the most amazing and scenic natural attractions: you will embark on boats and postal to see the fjords and the beautiful islands with white beaches and crystal water that you wouldn’t expect to see in Norway, you will drive along 7 of the most scenic roads in Norway, passing through remote fishermen villages, visiting wooden churches and lighthouses, and discovering the fascinating Norse culture and legends. You will have the possibility to do whale watching and take a ride on the famous Flåm Railway, a train journey considered one of the most beautiful in the world, spending the night in typical wooden cabin (hytte) or fishermen huts (rorbu) and taste Norway’s food specialties, including the famous cod, in characteristic street markets.

We have designed this tour to put together the most amazing spots in Norway but we can PERSONALIZE the tour and adjust it to your needs, considering your budget, the duration of the tour, the places you want to visit and the activities you want to do. Contact us to have a tailor-made tour in Norway.

Are you a biker? This tour can easily fit a motorcycle vacation. Contact us to organize your Norway motorcycle tour.


Arrival and check-in at the hotel. Stroll in the city center, from the Dome to the Royal Palace and to the harbor and the modern area Aker Brygge for a drink or dinner overlooking the sea.

Back to the center with the City Hall and the Nobel Peace Center. Walk to Akershus Fortress and then to the Opera House, for a view over the fjord from the roof. Moving to the popular area of Grünerløkka for a lunch in a typical food market. Visit historical streets from the 19th century, with their small wooden houses, and short walk along the river Akerselva, crossing Oslo from North to South.

Visit to Vigelandsparken with its statues. After a break in a historical restaurant with a view over the city, visit to the impressive Holmenkollen ski jump tower.

Flight Oslo – Tromsø. Pick-up of rental car at the airport. Check-in in hotel in the city center and visit to the city.

DAY 5: GOING TO THE ISLANDS, SENJA (daily route 170 km, 4.10 h, including car driving and 35 min of boat passage)*
* distances and times indicated do not include stops and detours to points of interest
Leaving Tromsø to Senja island. Along one of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes, crossing small fisherman villages. Check-in in an enchanting holiday resort by the sea. Relax in a hot-tub and sauna, or walk to the lighthouse or hill top for a 360° panoramic vista of sea, fjord and mountains.

DAY 6: SENJA – ANDENES (daily route 21 km, including car driving and 1.40 h of boat passage)*
On the boat from Senja island to Andenes. Whale watching excursion by boat and visit to the whale museum. Check-in at the hotel or typical wood cabin (hytte) in a camping site.

DAY 7: LOFOTEN ISLANDS, ANDØYA (daily route by car 133 km, 2.20 h)*
Leaving Andenes along one of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes. Stop for a hike to the most beautiful beach in Andøya, with white sand that you wouldn’t expect to find in Norway. On the road again and check-in at a typical wood cabin (hytte) in a camping site.

DAY 8: LOFOTEN ISLANDS, AUSTVÅGSØYA (daily route by car 105 km, 1.45 h)*
On the route to Austvågsøya and visit to a medieval village, with the second largest stave church in Norway. Check-in at a hotel or a typical fisherman hut (rorbu) in Henningsvær. Walks, bike or kayak rental available.

DAY 9: LOFOTEN ISLANDS, VESTVÅGØY, FLAKSADØYA, MOSKENESØYA (daily route by car around 200 km, 3.30 h)*
To the outer islands, through enchanted fisherman villages, walks on amazing white sand beaches and high peaks. You will be surprisde in discovering a remote glassblowers and ceramics workshop with its own café, perfect for a break. Check-in at a typical fisherman hut (rorbu).

DAY 10: AWAY FROM LOFOTEN ON THE POSTAL BOAT (daily route by car 87 km, 1.40 h)*
Last day to enjoy the Lofoten islands. Change perspective and take a walk up on a mountain to enjoy the amazing view. To the harbour to return the car and embark on the historic postal boat.

You will sail along the Helgelandskysten, the beautiful coast South from Lofoten islands. From the boat you will have a privileged view over natural attractions such as the Seven Sisters, seven mountain tops so beautiful that a local legend claims that they are female trolls turned to stone, and the Torghatten, the mountain with the characteristic hole in the middle, also related to the Seven Sisters legend.

DAY 12: TRONDHEIM – KRISTIANSUND (daily route by car 197 km, 3.30 h)*
Leaving the postal boat in Trondheim and visit to the city. On the road again (rented car) to Kristiansund, Norway’s klipfish capital. Check-in at a hotel or a typical fisherman hut (rorbu) or wood cabin (hytte).

Relax in Kristiandsund, visiting its islands by boat, on one of the oldest collective transport vehicles in the world, still operating since1876. Visit to the old city with buildings from 1700-1800, Nordlandet with a panoramic view from the church, Gomalandet with its shipyards, and the center with its nice promenade.

DAY 14: KRISTIANSUND – ÅNDALSNES (daily route by car 154 km, 3 h)*
On the Atlantic Road, one of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes. Then continuing to Åndalsnes, stopping to visit a stave church of 13° century. Check-in at a hotel or a typical wood cabin (hytte) in a camping site. Possible walk to a panoramic point (elevation gain 580 m).

DAY 15: FROM ÅNDALSNES TO THE MOUNTAINS (daily route by car 257 km, 5 h)*
From Åndalsnes to Geiranger on the Trollstigen, the Troll path, one of the 18 Norwegian Scenic Routes. Reaching the mountains and the entrance to the Jotunheimen National Park. Possibility for walks or boat tour on the lake. Check-in at a typical wood cabin (hytte) in a camping.

DAY 16: FROM THE MOUNTAINS TO THE FJORDS, FLÅM (daily route by car 220 km, 3.40 h)*
From the mountains to Flåm, at the end of the Sognefjord. Back and forth on the Flåmsbana, the Flåm Railway, named as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world, or out for a tour in the fjord by boat. Check-in at a hotel or a typical wood cabin (hytte) in a camping site.

DAY 17: FROM FLÅM TO BERGEN (daily route by car 167 km, 3 h)*
From Flåm to Bergen by car. Return the car at the car rental. Visit to the city and overnight stay at a hotel.

Visit to the city and the fish market. Tour to Fløyen hill by funicular railway. It is possible to take short walking trips.

Departure to the airport. End of service.

The tour includes:

  • Car rental for the itineraries indicated in the program
  • Overnight stay at a hotel/cabin as indicated in the program
  • Journey on the Hurtigruten postal boat (2 nights)
  • Whale watching excursion
  • Local guide book of Oslo and of the tour with tips and logistic indications

The tour does not include: flight tickets, meals, petrol and tolls, public transport or taxi, ferry boat for transfers in the fjords and Lofoten, everything else not included in the list “what is included”

Norway Grand Tour

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