Bergamo&rock carving in Valcamonica

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Below you can find our proposal, but keep in mind that we can PERSONALIZE the tour according to your needs. You can decide the DURATION, the PLACES in the area you want to see, and the ACTIVITIES you want to do, to CREATE YOURSELF the perfect holiday.

Valcamonica stone drawings are a UNESCO cultural heritage and they constitute one of the largest collections of rock carving, most of them dating back to the Iron Age. More than 250,000 rock carvings have been identified in the valley, making Valcamonica a unique place to discover the most famous petroglyphs (images created by incising, picking, carving or abrading a rock surface) from the Mesolithic (VIII-VI bC) to Roman and Middle Ages, passing through Neolithic, Copper, Bronze and Iron Ages.
But this amazing tour doesn’t end here! It starts from a beautiful city that few people have stopped to visit in their journey to Italy: Bergamo. Very close to the airport, it is an important historical city, collecting architecture, art and history from the 12th Century to our modern age. The city is divided into the the lower city and the upper city, surrounded by Venetian walls (now UNESCO heritage) and connected by funicular: you don’t want to miss it!
Iseo Lake and Monte Isola are amazing natural places that you are going to visit before reaching some mountain destinations, such as Ponte di Legno.
Bienno is also an amazing stop and if you happen to be there in August you will see the special and famous street market (Mostra Mercato di Bienno) where hundreds of artisans and artists from Italy and abroad exhibit their workpieces along the narrow street of the historical centre.
And finally, we didn’t forget food and wine, by including a visit to a winery, with wine tasting, and to a selected cheese dairy! This tour is really a perfect and complete way to discover an area that, although off the beaten track, is unique for its beauty and culture.

Arrival at Bergamo airport, car rent and dinner at a typical restaurant in the lower city of Bergamo.

Visit of the beautiful upper city of Bergamo, to be reached by funicular. Surrounded by Venetian walls built in the 16th Century, it forms the historical centre of Bergamo. With its squares, towers, narrow streets, its castle, antique and modern palaces, the botanic garden and the impressive Dome, you can witness a mixture of art and architecture running from the 12th Century to the modern age. In the afternoon, departure to Val Camonica and overnight in Boario Terme.

After breakfast, guided tour of rock carving archaeological sites: Ceto Nature Reserve, Seradina Bedolina Park and Naquane Rock Carving Natural Park. In the afternoon visit to Mupre (National Museum of Prehistory in Val Camonica) OR relax in Boario Thermal Baths.

After breakfast departure to Iseo Lake and its pearl, Montisola, the largest island in a lake in Europe. Incredibly beautiful, cars are not allowed here, making it a real pleasure to wander and discover its twelve cozy villages! You will have all the time to enjoy the amazing landscape and territory. In the late afternoon, visit to a winery with wine tasting included.

Guided tour of the Roman Amphitheater in Cividate and Minerva Sanctuary in Breno. You can reach the sanctuary from Cividate with a 30-minute walk along Oglio Cycle Lane, or a 7-minute ride by car. In the afternoon, free visit of Bienno, its historical center and the water mill museum. If you happen to be there in August, there is a special and famous street market (Mostra Mercato di Bienno) where hundreds of artisans and artists from Italy and abroad exhibit their workpieces along the narrow street of the historical centre.

After breakfast departure to Ponte di Legno, and a nearby small village typical for its stone houses and a famous cheese dairy where excellent local cheese. Possibility to hike form there to Rifugio Bozzi, about 3 hours walking. In the afternoon, free visit of Ponte di Legno town center.

After breakfast, departure to Orio al Serio Airport, Bergamo.

The tour includes:

  • 6 nights at a hotel with breakfast included
  • 6 gourmet dinners
  • Visit to the winery and wine tasting
  • Guided tour of rock carving archaeological sites
  • Guided tour of the Roman Amphitheater in Cividade

The tour does not includes:
Everything else that is not included in the list “the tour includes”.

On request:

  • Cable car to Presena glacier, with free lunch in a mountain hut
  • Lift to Valbione golf club, with fishing pond and lunch in a mountain hut


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Bergamo&Rock carving in Valcamonica

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