Walking tours in Basilicata

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Period: Any time
Duration: half and full day walking tours
Location: Murgia Materana Park, Dolomiti Lucane, Pollino National Park, Basilicata, Southern Italy

Are you looking for a new destination for your walking holidays in Italy? Hiking in Southern Italy can be as challenging and amazing as a hiking tour in Northern Italy, and Basilicata mountains and national parks have incredible trails for exciting self guided and guided tours.

In the South-East of the region, the ancient city of Matera faces the Murgia Materana Park. The murgia is a karst plateau with dry and harsh hills reaching up to 600-700 meters above sea level, extending from Basilicata to Apulia. South of Matera, it is separated from the city by the deep gravina, a sort of canyon dug by the river. The view of the harsh and wild murgia from the city is incredibly suggestive, and a hiking tour in this area is even more evocative. No wonder that Murgia Materana Park has been chosen as a set for several movies, just to mention one, Mel Gibson’s “The passion”.
The Murgia Materana Park has a great historical interest since different archaeological sites are present here, from the pristine and more simple cave houses, to the more elaborated and frescoed cave churches. Different duration and difficulty levels of walks are possible. A half-a-day guided tour will allow you to visit some of the sites and reach the edge of the gravina to admire the amazing view of Matera from the hills. Full-day hiking tours will allow you to fully appreciate this peculiar natural environment protected by the park, and discover further sites including fortified masserie (typical country farms) and crypts. This is one of the best places in Italy for holidays if you are looking for peace, nature and authenticity.

Just one hour driving South-West from Matera, in the heart of Basilicata, you can find the amazing mountain chain of Dolomiti Lucane. The mountains are so-called because of the spectacular pinnacles, peaks and spires that remind those of the Dolomites of the Alps, in Northern of Italy. These peaks have evocative shapes granting them imaginative names like the golden eagle, the anvil, the great mother and the owl. To make the landscape even more suggestive, the villages of Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, considered among the Most beautiful villages in Italy, are real jewels clinging to the rock at 970 and 1090 meter above sea level. This area offers many hiking tours in the best mountains of Southern Italy and many Via Ferrata in the Dolomiti Lucane. And if this thrilling activity is not enough for you, you can book the Angel’s Flight or the Tibetan bridge.

The Pollino National Park is the largest protected area in Italy, extending from the South-West part of Basilicata to Calabria region. It is part of the Southern Apennines and boasts the highest peaks of southern Italy, rising up to 2200 meters above sea level and remaining covered in snow from November to May. The mountain range is highly scenic due to its dolomitic rocks, limestone bastions, cliffs, very deep gorges, karst caves, swallows, plateaus and high altitude pastures. With its twisted and suggestive shapes, the Pino Loricato (Heldreich’s pine) is the symbol of the Pollino Park, which is also well known for its medicinal herbs and the presence of rare animal species such as the wolf, the golden eagle and the Egyptian vulture, here called Capovaccaio. Walking in Pollino National Park means to dive into pristine landscapes, which have blended together with the cultural and human values jealously preserved by the local population, and that makes these places unique and incredibly fascinating corners of paradise. Sunrise and sunset here show transcendental colors. Don’t miss the magical experience of a walk to see the sunset from top, returning with torches at night. Guided tours of Pollino National Parks will allow you to discover the best of this amazing natural park.

Many itineraries are available in these parks and mountains in Basilicata. A very little known area for walking tours in Basilicata is the Regional Reserve of Calanchi (badlands), that is really worth a visit. Val d’Agri and Vulture ares are the perfect place for hiking tours and wine tasting in Southern Italy.

Plan your walking tour in Pollino National Park, Dolomiti Lucane, Murgia Materana. Join guided tours of the best natural parks in Basilicata. Personalize your Italian holidays with Basilicata tourist attractions.

What are Basilicata tourist attractions?

  • Bike tours in Basilicata
  • Horseback tours in Basilicata
  • Birdwatching in Basilicata
  • Photo tours in Basilicata national parks
  • Rafting and canyoning in Pollino National Park
  • Via Ferrata in Dolomiti Lucane and Pollino Park
  • Angel’s Flight in Dolomiti Lucane
  • Visit to the amazing Crypt of Original Sin in Murgia Materana
  • Sleep in a cave hotel in Matera
  • Guided tour of Matera and Sassi di Matera
  • Cooking class in Basilicata and Matera bread-making
  • Visit to a winery and wine tasting in Basilicata

Where is Basilicata? Where can I find the best national parks and mountains in Southern Italy?

Basilicata is in Southern Italy and it is one of the most beautiful places if your are looking for peaceful and authentic holidays in Italy. It is close to Apulia region and Campania, so if you are planning your holidays in Apulia or Amalfi coast, you should definitely take some time to visit Basilicata. Matera is a marvel of architecture and it has been awarded with the title of European Capital of Culture for 2019. It is just 40 km from the sea and the Ionic coast offers some of the best beaches in Italy.
Basilicata is a very green region, you can find Pollino National Park that stretches from Basilicata to Calabria region; the beautiful Dolomiti Lucane with two of the most beautiful borgos in Italy, Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa, and the possibility to do the “Angel’s flight” (volo dell’angelo), sliding from one mountain side to the other; and Murgia Materana park, South of Matera, where to admire the city from the top of the hills.